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credit card policy alert

If you would like to have your service charged to your credit card, it must be on a monthly basis. We can set up the charges to be billed automatically but it must be done once a month.

After you have decided what price package best fits your needs, click here to signup.

$8.95 Unlimited Access!
Speed up to 56kbps
Access Unlimited
Email Addresses 1
$8.95 is based on annual contract payment.

Additional E-mail Addresses $1.00
Additional Alias for Existing E-mail Address $1.00
Static IP Address $5.00
Personal web Hosting (wtxs.net/~user) $5.00
Accelerated Dialup $3.00

Web & Domain
Web Hosting Monthly Quarterly Yearly
$19.95 $59.85 $239.40
Domain Name Registration $25.00
Email Addresses 20
Email Aliases 5
Hard Drive Space 100 meg
Web Browser Mail Access Free
Setup Fee Free
Configuration of Internet Software at Our Office Free
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