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Disconnection Problems

There are several reasons why you get disconnected. Below we have some tips to help you troubleshoot your problem.

Disconnects while using email and you use Outlook or Outlook Express

After a windows update or after registry corrruption the connection key for Outlook Express can be wrongly read or set.

  1. Open Outlook Express and go to Tools | Options | Connection.
  2. Uncheck the option "Hang up after send or receive".

Checking the Phone Line

Many disconnection problems can be traced back to the phone line.

Check line for hum or static

  1. Take a plain old telephone and plug it into the same line that you are trying to connect with.
  2. Press a digit on the phone to get rid of the dial tone.
  3. Listen closely for any static or hum, if so follow on to "Check the Line Coming Into Your House". If you do not hear anything goto the last portion of this page.

Check the Line Coming Into Your House

  1. Find your phone box outside of your house and unplug the existing line. This is called the "demark"
  2. Bring a telephone with you and perform the same test as stated above in "Check line for hum or static". Static or hum heard here indicates the problem is on your phone company's side of the line. Contact them about correcting the issue. Make sure you have followed these instructions exactly as failure to do so may result in a charge from your phone company.
  3. If you do not hear any static or hum follow on to the next step.

Disconnect all other devices connected to the line

Malfunctioning devices plugged into your phone line may impose an excessive load on the line. You may not be able to detect any problem audibly yet it may inhibit your modem's function.

  1. Remove all devices to include but not limited to
    • other phones
    • cordless phone bases
    • fax machines
    • printer/scanner/fax machines
    • answering machines
    • other computer modems
  2. Dial in as normal and check for improvement
  3. If no improvement is noted, go to "Modem Problems"
  4. If improvement is noted, plug each device in and repeat the process, waiting several minutes before adding the next device
  5. If a device is found to cause the disconnection, replace it

modem problems

Some disconnection problems are caused by either the modem itself or the software for the modem. Sometimes updating the modem's software can easily compensate for but not fix several problems.

  1. First, find out what modem you are using by going to Start, Control Panel, and Modems, you might want to write down the name of your modem that you see in the white box.
  2. Check your pc manufacturers web site for an updated driver. If none is available continue
  3. Try the modem manufacturer's webpage and download a new "driver". If none is available continue
  4. Go to a driver site and search for your modem, they might have an appropriate driver. If none is available continue
  5. Sometimes manufacturers no longer support their modem. In this case try using a search engine such as Google
  6. Once a new driver is installed, attempt to connect

replace modem

If everything else has failed it is time to replace the modem. Click here for a suggested modem. We sell a recommended modem for a very reasonable price.

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