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Tue, January 06 2004 8:38 PM

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windows error 691

This commonly seen error has several possible causes and might take several different approaches to cure. We will start with the least complicated and work up.

reset the connectoid

What is the connectoid you ask? That is the little icon you can click in windows networking to dial to the internet. Sometimes referred to as a "connection".

  1. Double click the dialup connectoid or icon
  2. Re-enter your username and password
  3. If you connect your fixed. If not, go to the next resolution

Why does this work? If you re-enter your password without re-entering your username windows will usually refuse to send a username and instead sends null. Re-entering the username forces the system to store the set of value pairs again.


As with a lot of things with windows, a swift kick in the pants helps out a lot. Reboot your computer and you may find your computer has magically decided to work again.

delete the old and make a new

Sometimes Windows just refuses to keep things straight. If the above steps didn't work try these.

  1. Find the dialup connectoid in Control Panel | Dialup Networking or Control Panel | Networking
  2. Delete the icon by right clicking the icon and going to delete
  3. Click on Make new connection
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to re-enter the access number, your username, and password
  5. Try dialing out. If it works your ready to go. If not, call our office for more help.
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